Eric Yates’ Epitaph to ‘Nickle Eck’ – Blossomfield Club and the Theatrical Reverie of the Stories

Where there was War, Ego, Bloodshed, Death, and stories of Conquering Armies, Blood-quenching war-zones, and Songs of Violence and Bravery, and even Cowardice – there was a part where ordinary lives were dwelling in danger.

Epitaph to ‘Nickle Eck’: Childhood Mischief in Wartime Birmingham – captures Eric Yates’ illustrated situations where there is no focus to the intent and content of ordinary lives, surviving the atmosphere of World War II and carrying on with their lives in simple, sober fashion. The memoir is not something that’ll take you places, but instead a simple story that is there to set the records straight. The antics of Eric and John in wartime is life ‘counting lemons in a sea of lemonade’. Flair, mischief, wit, humour and delightful scenarios are portrayed in abundance, in the midst of rationing and poverty all around. The treasure trove collection of marvellous stories deserve many accolades and praise, whether in the current context or in the context of wartime, where the emphasis still focused on the characters’ mischief and questionable shenanigans.

The never-dull, full of twists, and sermons of wit and intelligence – the father of humorous, yet heart-stopping escapades – has been of interest to members of Blossomfield Drama Club.

Fulfil your passion for good taste and love for Cinema, Art or Theatre – with Eric Yates and his heart-warming biography of the childhood of ‘Nickle Eck.’

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