Epitaph to ‘Nickle Eck’ – The Nostalgic Memories of Eric Yates

“Epitaph to ‘Nickle Eck,’ Childhood Mischief in Wartime Birmingham” by Eric Yates has carved its place distinctly in the vast world of children story books. This particular book by Eric has been concertedly received with sheer enjoyment and delectation by the readers. The inimitable humour and wit of Eric’s style of writing and the exceptionally entertaining story-lines aid to create vivid images in the mind of the readers which he has described flawlessly in his book. Describing meticulously the hair-raising situations he had faced in his life, getting led astray by the umpteen dangerous activities created by and shared with John, his elder brother, Eric captivates the attention of his readers, keeping them glued to the pages of the book.

Setting the record straight and portraying a fascinating insight into a forgotten England, Eric’s book has been rightly described as a treasure trove of tales. These exciting childhood stories set in the West Midlands will bring nostalgia as you read through the pages. Documenting Eric’s life along with his brother John, the author has vividly painted the pictures through his stories in his book. Detailing about how Eric and his brother used to run their escapades and entertain themselves whilst growing up in the era when poverty was rife, and at a time of rationing, this book becomes a ‘must-read’, as it will take you back to your childhood, recalling the ingeniousness of a myriad of children’s games, easy bartering opportunities and a lot more in the midst of hardships and poverty.

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